Pressure Regulators & Valves

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Pressure regulators are used in the home to regulate natural gas and water. These two regulators work in different ways, but they provide the same function- to reduce a supply pressure to a lower outlet pressure and to maintain that same pressure regardless of inlet pressure variation.

This reduces the pressure in order to maintain that the outlet pressure is always less than inlet pressure. Water and natural gas enter the home at a much safer level when pressure is regulated.

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What are some common problems associated with pressure regulators?

The three most common problems that pressure regulators experience include:

  • Outlet pressure decaying with load increase. Outlet pressure should remain the same regardless of inlet variation, so if any of these problems occur, the regulator is not functioning properly.
  • Outlet pressure pulsation. Decaying with an increase in load is usually caused by an orifice that is too small to handle the load. Invertedly, pulsation occurs when the orifice is too large and the control line is too small.
  • Lock-up issues.  The regulator will have a difficult time locking up if debris has damaged the orifice or the valve.

When should you consider replacement?

Like most aspects of plumbing, pressure regulators are unfortunately not built to last forever. You may need to replace your pressure regulator if one of three things is occurring:

  • A decrease or increase in pressure.
  • Pressure inconsistencies. 
  • No gas or water is flowing.

The only job of a regulator is to maintain a consistent pressure, so any sign of inconsistency is indicative of a bad regulator.

How can you tell if one is required in your home?

Your home may benefit from a pressure regulator if there are noticeable changes in pressure. This is more noticeable in cases of water pressure.

If your water pressure fluctuates, a regulator would keep it consistent. Additionally, water flowing into the home at extremely high pressure damages water-running appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine. These appliances will need to be replaced much more often if pressure is not at a safe level.

If you are unsure of the rate at which your water is flowing into the home, ask a neighbor if they have a pressure regulator. If they do, you probably also need one seeing as the water in the whole neighborhood should flow at the same rate.

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