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Homeowners throughout Suwanee may take regular steps to maintain and improve their home, but it is easy to overlook the care of your plumbing system until repair issues arise.

As long as the plumbing system functions as it should, you may not give a second thought to your home’s pipes, water heater and other components. However, when issues do arise, you may require immediate service from a trusted and dependable team, and Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. is the local company that you can reach out to for excellent results for all types of plumbing projects. We service multi-family homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. Trust Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. to become your Suwanee plumber.

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Do you need polybutylene pipe replacement?

From time to time, replacing the pipes in a home may be recommended or even required in some instances. Our specialists can help you to determine if a replacement is necessary, and we can review the options with you in detail.

Since 1995, contractors have stopped using polybutylene pipes. It was discovered that it had more adverse effects than benefits. The life expectancy and durability were overestimated.

It has also been found that polybutylene pipes can corrode and rust. If your home was built between 1978 to 1995, you haven’t had your pipelines inspected in over 10 years, or you’re buying a new home, it is advisable to consult with one of our technicians to provide you a full inspection.

When do you need professional drain cleaning?

Our plumbing services can be used for major projects like a pipe replacement, and we are also available to help you with less serious, yet still bothersome problems like a clogged drain.

Many clogs will develop over a period of time. For example, as you use your plumbing features, a clog may slowly develop as hair, body oils and more accumulate. You may notice that water passes more slowly through the pipe. The clog may grow, and eventually, water may not be able to pass through the drain at all. Other clogs may develop suddenly, such as if a foreign object is accidentally washed down the drain.

Drain cleaning service can remove all types of clogs with speed.

Other instances that would require drain cleaning include:

  • Frequent clogs
  • Multiple clogs
  • Sewer odor
  • Slow drains
  • Flooding

When do you need to repair or replace your water heater?

Because Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. is a full-service plumbing company; we are also available to help you with water heater services.

Many of our local customers will contact us when their hot water heater fails to meet their demands. Others may call when they spot a leak in the water heater or when the heated water quality is diminished. For example, water from the heater may take on a tinted hue or may have sediment in it.

These are all signs that service is required. We will inspect the system to help you learn more about its condition so that you may know whether to replace or repair your water heater.

We are ready to help you with all of your plumbing service requests.

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