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In your home, there is a room that is used by everyone. Your bathroom is one of the rooms that is not only highly trafficked but also contributes significantly to the overall property value.

As a homeowner, this value is important to you, and it is necessary to perform regular maintenance in order to ensure that number goes up. There are also the cases in which a family member has become recently disabled and need bathroom accommodations. There are other telltale signs that your shower or tub needs to be replaced.

The technicians at Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. will not just repair or install your bathroom fixtures; we provide remodeling options along with our expert advice. If you are living in a multi-family home or own an apartment, no need to worry. We service your home with no problem. Allow Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. to handle all of your Atlanta shower and tub services.

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What are signs that it’s time to replace your shower or tub?

Unfortunately, bathtubs and showers sustain battle scars during the length of their service, and many homeowners incorrectly assume that replacing an old tub or shower will be too expensive and simply live with their current, unsightly unit.

It’s important to be knowledgeable of when your shower or tub should be replaced.

Leaking drainage and overflowing pipes can become serious problems for unsuspecting homeowners. Usually, the problem hides itself until it is too late. The consequences can be devastating, especially if water damage results. It is important to address it as quickly as possible to ensure the best chances for total restoration.

While some of these fixes can be relatively simple, it is best to call in professional help. Our staff may be able to provide a simple fix, but often the trouble is hidden deep within the plumbing, and it is necessary to remove the tub or shower to get to the root of the problem.

If this is the case, it can be a great time to replace an old shower or tub. After all, we will be removing the old unit anyway. This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to install a new shower or tub that will provide you with the comfort a new unit has to offer along with corrected piping that will provide you with years of comfort and peace-of-mind.

Can you still replace your shower or tub with no sign of trouble?

Simply put, of course! Aesthetics are important, especially in an area known for cleanliness. After all, if you’re unhappy with the look of your shower, it can be difficult to feel clean after taking a bath or shower.

What too few fail to explore is the low costs available for a new tub or shower. If yours has become unsightly, we have a number of cost-effective options for you to choose from.

It is well-known that remodeling the bathroom can significantly increase your home’s overall value, and if you have decided to embark on this project, replacing the tub or shower will be necessary to pull the new look together.

We have a number of options available. We can review the styles you plan to incorporate during the course of your remodeling job to help you pinpoint the new tub or shower that will provide the highest aesthetic quality.

Don’t wait any longer to have the bathroom of your dreams. Call us today at (678) 386-7513 to explore the various tub and shower options we have available.