Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

Water Heater MaintenanceHot water heaters are a very important household item that is something that families cant live without. The hot water heater keeps water warm and regulates temperatures. While the benefits of a hot water heater are important it has also been noted that hot water heaters can increase your homes energy bill. Below is a list of five ways of how to reduce your hot water heaters energy consumption.

1) Using Less Hot Water:
This is probably the most self explained tip for lowering your energy consumption. Using too much hot water will quickly raise your energy bill. Its important to take a shower, but remember to take a shower in a timely fashion. Too many people spend waste less times standing in the hot shower without doing anything. A recent study was done on a family of four that showers for roughly five minutes per day. The family uses an estimate of 700 gallons of water per week, which is a lot. Cutting the showers down to four minutes each person could save a family 400 dollars per year.

2) Turn Down The Tanks Thermostat
This is something that is very common for people to do. If you turn down the hot water heaters thermostat you will save money and cut back on your energy consumption. When you lower your thermostat you make the water a little cooler, but not too cold. Also, turning down the thermostat only 10 percent will cut your energy and water bill five percent.

Water Heater3)Maintenance:
It is always important to perform maintenance checks on your hot water heater. Studies have shown that any leaks in the heater will add up and waste your energy consumption. The hot water heater should be looked at at least two times a year to ensure that there are no issues with the tank. You want to make sure that your hot water heater is running efficiently.

4) Laundry:
It might be a good idea to only wash clothes with warm water when it is absolute necessary. It is also important that your washer is running efficiently. If the washer is inefficient and has issues there is a possibility that the washer could end up using different cycles that could use hot water when not needed.

5) Dishwasher:
When using your dishwasher make sure that the dishwasher is not using too much hot water unless its absolutely necessary. It is also important to make sure the settings on the dishwasher work and maintenance is performed two-three times per year.

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