Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Atlanta PlumberCleaner and More Sanitary

1) Having a garbage disposal keeps your kitchen counter, island and work space in general, clutter free and cleaner when you are preparing food.

2) It is much easier to prepare and cut up vegetables and fruits when you can cut them up and just dispose of the parts you cannot use. Simply put them down the garbage disposal with a little bit of water and you are done.

3) It makes it easier to keep the ready to cook and ready to eat food separate from the parts you need to dispose of.

4) Also if you throw the parts of food you do not need to use down the garbage disposal, there is less clean up to do when you are done.

5) You also will not have to worry about the trash sitting in your home that is waiting to go outside attracting bugs like ants and roaches into your home. It is very unsanitary to have old, stinky food sitting in your trash. You even still have some of that rotten food still sitting there if you do not use a trash bag as a liner.

Ease of Trash Time and Effort

6) This makes for less trash you have to take out, and less trash kept in the house. You are not constantly making trips to the trash cans outside.

7) You also do not have the smell of trash in your home. You really do not want trash that is going bad smelling up your home.

8) You also have less clutter in your kitchen area. You also have to worry about your cats and dogs getting into your trash when you are not home.

More Environmentally Friendly

Atlanta Garbage Disposal Services9) Using a garbage disposal is much more environmentally friendly than just dumping all our trash in landfills. We need to get rid of as much trash as we can to take care of the Earth. It keeps the emission levels down from greenhouses that are going into our air.

10) At our treatment plants for our wastewater, the garbage from our garbage disposals can be recycled that make methane that will be used as power for the plant.

Wastewater treatment plants can process the food from the garbage disposals into fertilizer. Only 1% of the total water’s use in a home is used for a garbage disposal. The electric use is very minimal, only a few dollars a year.

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