High-Pressure Water-Jetting

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At Greenlee Plumbing our high-pressure water-jetting services can get rid of even the toughest sewer and pipe line clogs for apartment complexes and other types of multi-family homes. Major obstructions like tree roots and various other materials that have accumulated over time can lead to severe backups inside your property, which is why our licensed professionals offer their assistance to each and every customer throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas. We want to protect your property and those who live there from excessive water damage and the multiple hazards that surround this type of issue. To read reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers in your area, click here.

What is high-pressure water-jetting?

Our advanced equipment forces water through your sewer and pipe lines at 3000 pounds per square inch (PSI) eliminating the most serious obstructions. This is the most effective method of clog removal and will help to keep the plumbing systems inside your complex intact. This non-invasive procedure will not affect the integrity of your pipes and will actually make for a longer lasting system. If you are facing an extreme clog or simply want to schedule a routine cleaning, talk to the knowledgeable professionals at Greenlee Plumbing today.

What are some benefits of this service?

No matter what size your pipes are, our flexible high-pressure water-jetting hoses will be able to accommodate them. There are some many things that can build up in your system, whether it is mineral deposits caused by hard water, food scraps, hair, or organic waste, and even tree roots that are looking for a readily available water source. That is why it is important to schedule routine water-jetting services for your complex in order to keep tenants free from the hazardous issues that can follow an obstructed sewer line or pipe.

What types of drain or sewer line problems will this service solve?

If a sink, shower, or tub in your building begins to drain slower than normal it is typically because a clog is forming. If you have attempted to remove the clog only for it to return time and time again then the blockage has not been effectively removed.

Additionally, if several drains in your complex are blocked at one time then this likely indicates a severe obstruction deep within your main sewer line, which will need to be effectively removed before you are faced with a destructive and unsanitary backup inside your building.

High-pressure water-jetting services will help to eliminate these problems protecting residents from floods caused by failing pipes and can also help to restore adequate water pressure to your apartment complex or multi-family home. For any questions or concerns regarding this amazing process, talk to our certified plumbing professionals today.

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