Garbage Disposals

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Anyone who cooks often can attest to the benefits of having a garbage disposal. It saves time cleaning and keeps pipes from becoming clogged. However, just like all appliances, disposals require maintenance and repairs from time to time.

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What are common garbage disposal problems?

As with any appliance, garbage disposals will begin to have problems associated with age and wear and tear. The most common problems people tend to experience include:

  • Loss of power to the disposal. Power can usually be restored by resetting the breaker and pushing the reset button on the disposal, but if the motor is burned out it usually needs replacement.
  • Disposal jams and clogs.Jams and clogs can occur from overloading the disposal or throwing appropriate items down the drain.
  • Noisy disposals.Disposals can become noisy as they are used often, causing screws and other parts to become loose.

When should you repair vs. replace your disposal?

There are many disposal problems that can be easily resolved with a repair, like a jam or a clog. To fix these, a professional should be called to clear out the jam. Putting your hand down the disposal is never a good idea, and experienced plumbers know the tricks to clearing clogs without any risk of injury.

However, a burned-out motor is usually cause for a disposal replacement. It will also need replacing at the end of its natural life as blades and lugs wear down over time and become less effective. If you have had your disposal system for several years and are experiencing problems often, it is probably time to replace.

What are easy disposal maintenance tips?

There are several easy things you can do to limit problems with the disposal and prolong its life. Below are some helpful tips you can follow.

  • Use it in moderation. Overloading the disposal makes it work extra hard; overloading it every day or every week will cause it to run inefficiently.
  • Keep silverware and metal away from the disposal. These can accidentally be bumped into the sink and disappear into the disposal without anyone noticing. As soon as the disposal is turned on with metal inside it, the blades can become destroyed and a jam will form.
  • Keep water running the entire time the disposal is on.Disposals are made to run wet, and running the water pushes the debris out of the pipes.

If your garbage disposal is not running correctly, give us a call for servicing. We have the experience and training to take care of all of your disposal and other plumbing needs. If you are not sure what to do about your disposal, we provide recommendations specific to your home’s needs.

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