Basement Plumbing

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The basement is an extra living quarters that many Georgians take advantage of. Many homeowners opt to remodel their basement into rooms such as a playroom, office, home gym, family room, artist studio, or party space.

At one point or another, however, your basement will require plumbing maintenance like every other aspect of your home. It is important that all plumbing in your basement be up to code and that you’ve hired a technician that can perform their job accurately and efficiently. We can add a basement bathroom to your home.

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What plumbing codes should you adhere to?

Every state has a different set of rules and regulations with remodeling. Our technicians are up to date and trained to perform all necessary jobs that adhere to all of Georgia’s codes.

It is imperative you contact us during the planning stages so that you can avert having unnecessary jobs and costs due to codes not being met.

Some of Georgia’s bathroom basement construction codes include:

  • Toilets must be provided with a minimum of 21” in front of the toilet and 15” from the center of the toilet and any sidewall or other obstruction.
  • Showers shall have a minimum inside dimension of 900 square inches.
  • A ventilation fan is required in toilet rooms and bathrooms with inoperable windows.
  • The fan must be vented to the exterior of the building and not to terminate within 3’ of an opening.

Don’t lose your head over all the codes and regulations. We can handle all of that for no extra charge. Our technicians will insure a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of your basement bathroom’s needs and requirements.

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