Burst Pipe Repair

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When you suffer from a burst pipe in your basement, kitchen or bathroom, your first thought may be to panic. However, keeping your cool is key. Just give us a call and we’ll resolve your plumbing emergency in no time. Reach out to us if you live in a multi-family home or own an apartment. Our services cater every home.

We have the expertise and know-how to repair and replace your pipes. We like to educate our clients on how to avoid such unfortunate mishaps in the future. Take control of the situation, and you can go a long way towards ensuring this doesn’t take you by surprise again. We’re equipped to handle all of your Atlanta burst pipe emergencies.

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What causes burst pipes?

Many factors can lead to burst pipes, the first of which is temperature. In the winter, when the temps plunge below freezing, the effects can be devastating on your water pipes.

If your pipes are located near the outdoors in an unheated part of the home, such as in a crawlspace or along exterior walls, they are especially susceptible to freezing. When water inside the pipe gets frozen, it expands. The result? A crack in your pipe.

You may not even know you have a frozen pipe until it thaws out and suddenly you have water spraying everywhere and flooding your home.

Another factor is the age of your pipes. If your pipes are decades old, they could be deteriorating, starting off with small cracks which lead to bigger cracks and then eventually bursting. If your pipes were made with shoddy materials, this can also lead to burst pipes.

How can you avoid this emergency?

As a homeowner, there are some things you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen.

If you’re facing a vacation in winter, you may be tempted to shut the heat completely off. This could pose a danger to your pipes. Leave the heat on slightly to keep the house temperature warm enough to avoid freezing. Always turn your water on when you go on vacation.

You may also want to drip the faucets slightly so as to keep the flow of water moving so it may have a less chance of freezing. Using pipe sleeves on exposed pipes can keep them warm, as well.

Open up your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to encourage the circulation of warmer air around your pipes. Never take an open flame, blowtorch, or propane heater to the piping system in an attempt to thaw it out. You could be successful only in causing a fire.

What can professionals do to repair this?

When you call in the professionals at Greenlee Plumbing Inc., you can expect experienced technicians to address any burst pipe situation by draining all the water out of the system, finding the offending crack, and providing a solution.

This may involve patching a small crack or replacing a portion of the pipe, depending on the severity of the damage. A professional has the necessary certifications to extract the water, dry it out, and dehumidify the area using the latest in technology. Give us a call if you would like a referral for water damage.

It’s always important to let a pro handle a burst pipe for your own safety and to avoid doing further damage on your own.

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