Drain Cleaning

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Clogged drains and water overflowing in the tub all sound like scenes from a homeowner’s nightmare. Your plumbing system keeps water moving effectively throughout your home, something you may not fully appreciate until something goes wrong with it.

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How do you know if your drains need cleaning?

Knowing when your drain needs cleaning is not just guesswork. Here are five indicators that your drains need cleaning:

  • Your shower or sinks are draining very slowly.
  • Your drains and toilets are emitting gurgling sounds or making bubbles.
  • The water pressure in sinks and tubs has dramatically decreased.
  • Water is backing up or overflowing sinks, toilets, or tubs.
  • A foul smell emanates from any drain or toilet.

What are the benefits of regular cleaning?

The unobstructed flow of water through your drain systems is something most people take for granted until a plumbing issue occurs. To prevent these untimely and costly problems, consider the significant benefits of investing in routine drain cleaning before any problems occur.

These benefits include:

  • Saving money, time, and inconvenience.Preventive drain cleaning significantly lowers the risk of having a plumbing emergency. Routine maintenance and prevention are always less costly than paying after-hours or holiday rates for an emergency.
  • Keeping your water flowing and your house safe.Routine drain cleaning helps ensure that your pipes remain unclogged and your home remains usable and clean. When water backs up, your kitchen and bathrooms are not just unusable, they are also unsanitary.

Our professional plumbers will also identify any other plumbing issues that could impact your water use or drainage. This might include leaky pipes or poorly ventilated drains, both of which can cause significant problems.

When should these routines be done?

The goal of drain cleaning is prevention, making sure that you never have a problem with your drains or toilets clogging. Because it is essential that your drains work properly, regular drain cleaning is a wise investment in preventive maintenance.

Cleaning your drains once a year is recommended to maintain the longevity of your entire plumbing system. If you have a large family or your drainage pipes are old, you may need to invest in more frequent cleaning in order to ensure that water moves effectively and cleanly throughout your plumbing system.

How can you avoid clogs?

There are several things you can do in between your annual drain cleanings to avoid getting clogs.

Be mindful of these helpful tips:

  • Don’t use chemical products. While they may unclog your pipes, many of them are also damaging them through erosion. Instead, pour a gallon of boiling water down them once a week, perhaps adding some baking soda. This will create a foaming action which will break down clogs and keep your water flowing freely.
  • Don’t put everything down the drain.The kitchen sink is a prime site for clogs, so avoid putting fruit peels, pasta, potato peelings, or rice down the drain, even with a garbage disposal.
  • Use drain screens.They can be placed easily in any sink, tub, or shower to keep larger items from going down the drains. Also, the screens should be cleaned regularly.

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