Exterior Pipe Replacement

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Replacing exterior polybutylene pipes can be an extensive process, but is often fairly necessary in order to maintain the stability of a building. It used to be a very common pipe to use between 1978 and 1995 because it was so cheap and lightweight, as a result of being created out of a plastic-based resin.

These pipes are ordinarily grey or white with a non-shiny finish. They used to be regularly used to create the water distribution system inside of homes and the water mains underground. Although they are not used as commonly today, many people still have questions about this type of piping.

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Where can you check for polybutylene piping outside your home?

The main place to check for polybutylene piping outside of the home is near the water meter that is connected to the city’s main water main. This piping can also be found coming through the walls of the basement, as well as near the concrete slab that makes up the foundation of a house.

It is best to check both the part of the pipe connected to the water main, as well as the part of the pipe connected to the distribution system because sometimes copper pipes were used along with polybutylene piping.

What are four signs you need to replace this piping?

There are four signs that you need to have polybutylene pipe replacement.

  • Increased water bills. The first sign that a person will need to replace his or her polybutylene piping is if there seems to be increased water bills. This can be a result of water slowly leaking out of tiny fractures that have the tendency to appear in these pipes.
  • Wet spots.This can signal that there are tiny holes in the pipes that are making their way up to the surface of the basement.
  • If the polybutylene pipes are particularly old, then they will probably need to be replaced before any problems occur.
  • Decreased water pressure. If the water pressure of the taps is significantly less than usual, that could be a sign that there is a leak in the pipes.

What are three common problems associated with exterior polybutylene pipes?

  • Possibility of incorrect installation. For a polybutylene pipe system that is older, there is the chance that it was not installed correctly. This is because so much piping was used so rapidly without accommodations being made for the nature of the pipes.
  • Possibility of sudden collapse.Although there is not a lot of evidence to suggest this, there is a chance that oxidants will react with the polybutylene and undermine its overall structure, possibly causing a sudden collapse that could severely damage a home.
  • Weaker pipes.Some polybutylene pipes are weaker than other types of pipes. When they are located underground, the pressure might cause them to rupture over time and need to be replaced.

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