Sump Pumps

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Sump pumps are important in making sure that buildings and homes are properly protected from potential water damage. A sump pump’s job is to protect flooding from occurring inside of a building by pumping out water. Your house or building may not normally be at risk of flooding, but federal laws may require that you have a sump pump installed.

Sump pumps work by having pits dug in the lowest part of the building. These are called sump pits. The pits either have pipes in place so that water drains into the pit or it normally drains through the soil into the pit. A sump pump is installed in the pit so that water is pumped out of the pit through the drainage pipe that is also installed there.

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What are the different types of sump pumps?

All sump pumps have to push water out of a sump pit. Sump pumps have varying amounts of horsepower, which affect the amount of water the pump can push out. There are both automatic and manual sump pumps.

Most sump pumps are automatic, but the manual pumps are slightly cheaper. Automatic pumps work by having a float that sits on top of the water. The float activates the pump when the water rises or falls by a certain amount.

There are many different kinds of sump pumps, but there are two overarching main types: pedestal pump and the submersible pump.

The pedestal pump is located outside of the water in the pit. It has a float in the pit that triggers the pump similar to the way a toilet tank float does. After the water level rises by a certain amount, the pump activates until the float descends.

This pump is more noticeable and noisier than the submersible pump. It may also overheat if the motor is used continuously for a long period of time. Since it is above the pit, it is easier to access for maintenance.

The submersible pump is located at the base of the sump pit. It also activates with a float. The float triggers the pump when the water causes it to rise vertically. Submersible pumps are more expensive than pedestal pumps because they have to function underwater. There is minimal risk of it overheating though since the motor is cooled down by the water. This also makes it more difficult for maintenance since it is submerged.

Some sump pumps have backup batteries in place that allow the pump to continue functioning during a power outage. These batteries are usually charged while the power is on and are put to use if there is no power supply.

There are also some pumps that can trigger an alarm if the water rises to a certain level.

What are some problems these pumps may have?

Like any other plumbing component, problems with sump pumps have the potential to arise. It is important to be mindful of these issues so that you can address the problem as quickly as possible.

Some complications include:

  • Clogs. The drainage pipe in the sump pit can sometimes clog with small rocks, which prevents the pump from working.
  • Lockage. There is also the risk of the float on sump pumps being locked or caught in place, causing the pump to never activate regardless of the water level.
  • Lack of power. Some pumps stop working because they’re not receiving enough electricity. If a pump isn’t receiving enough voltage, it may start drawing more AMPs than the electrical system can handle. Ultimately, this causes the sump pump’s motor to overheat.

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