Sewage Pump Installation

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Keeping your basement or crawlspace dry is an essential factor in year-round home maintenance. If you have noticed a build-up of sewage or water anywhere in your house, there is a good chance your sewage pump is to blame. The main job of the pump is to drain off sewage and water as it builds up in the area.

If there is a backup of sewage or a flooding situation, the pump should kick on and do its job. However, if it doesn’t, our specialists are disciplined in sewage pump installation. Our services extend to multi-family homes and apartment buildings, as well. Rely on Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. to handle all of your Atlanta sewage pump installation services.

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When will you need sewage pump replacement?

It is always important to be vigilant of any problem your home encounters, especially when it’s plumbing. Although some instances requiring a sewage pump are undeniable, there are some where it is not.

Pay attention to these signs:

  • Generally, most models can last up to 10 years or more as long as they have been properly maintained. After that, it is wise to have a new one installed.
  • Flooding. A water-filled basement or damp puddles in your crawlspace in or around the pump are indications that the pump has failed or is not working properly.
  • Sewage odor. If you are smelling an odor of gas or sewer in your home, it could be a strong indication of the pump not working up to par. This means that sewage and sewage gas could be building up within the lines and discharging odor into the home.
  • Sewage backup.A backup of sewage or debris anywhere in your home is an indication the sewer pump has failed. Because the main discharge line is also connected to the water lines, clogged drains in the sinks, showers, and toilets could also indicate that the sewer pump is not working up to par.

What are the factors that lead to sewage pump problems?

There are three main factors to keep in mind when trying to examine if your sewage pump has a problem.

Those to be aware of include:

  • Bad motor or pump. If the pump is bad, it could mean the motor has seized completely. The result is an overflow of water or sewage in and around the area. Depending on the age of your sewer pump, it could be outdated or past its life expectancy.
  • Jammed or clogged pump.The pump could simply be clogged or jammed with debris such as paper products or other items that are not allowing the water and sewage to pass through. We can check for clogs and clean accordingly.
  • Electrical or mechanical issue. Malfunctions may be due to an electrical or mechanical issue that lies outside of the pump. A faulty electrical system could trip the breaker and cause it to shut off intermittently.
  • Blown breaker. If you keep hearing your sewer pump turn on and off or if you have to keep switching the fuse in the breaker box back on, something is tripping the switch. It could be a minor electrical issue or something faulty within the motor or wiring system of the pump.

No matter the issue or its immensity, our plumbing specialists at Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. are here to serve you and alleviate all your plumbing hassles.

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