Video Camera Sewer Line Inspection

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In the Atlanta area, homeowners may make regular use of their home’s sewer line throughout the day, but you may not give your sewer line a second thought until it becomes damaged or clogged.

When this happens, you may notice that you have difficulty eliminating waste through the toilet or through the drains, and you may even notice sewage backing up into the home. Some homeowners may smell or see sewage waste in their yard. These are all common signs that there is a problem with the sewer line.

Sewer line issues are considered to be plumbing emergencies, and Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. is the reputable local company that you can turn to for the best repair results using top of the line equipment such as video cameras. Reach out to us if you live in a multi-family home or own an apartment. Our services cater every home.

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What is a video camera sewer line inspection?

There are essentially two main ways for a plumber to determine the location and the type of damage in your sewer line.

One is with a visual inspection by physically accessing the pipe, which may require a trench to be dug in your yard. If the initial length of the trench does not reveal damage to the pipe, the trench may need to be elongated. This can cause significant damage to your yard, and it may take a longer period of time to repair the damage through this method.

A better option is a video camera sewer line inspection. With this inspection, the plumber runs a camera into the pipe. The location of the damage is pinpointed, and the type of repair work that is required can be done quickly without damage to your yard.

When is this inspection necessary?

A video camera sewer line inspection may be preferable in some situations, but it may be required in other situations.

For example, if your sewer line runs under a structure or even close to heavy vegetation, you may need an alternative to the trench-style inspection service.

Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. is your best choice for a video camera sewer line inspection. We have the means and knowledge to ensure quality work.

What are the benefits of this inspection?

While a video camera sewer line inspection is not a requirement in all situations, it is preferable for a number of reasons.

  • Saves your yard. The fact is that a trench can cause damage to your property, and plumbing companies typically will not repair this damage. With a video inspection, only a small trench will need to be dug up.
  • Saves time. Digging a trench may extend the length of time for the repair work to be completed. With a video inspection, the plumber has the ability to pinpoint the location of damage faster.
  • More efficient plumbing work. With a video camera sewer line inspection, it may also be possible to repair the damage from inside the pipe, such as by sealing a leak or removing a clog from inside the pipe.

If you have noticed signs that your property’s sewer line requires repair or replacement work, Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. can help!

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