Commercial Pipe Replacement

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Polybutylene is a type of piping made of plastic resin. It was touted as the future of piping as it was more lightweight and much less expensive than the copper piping that was standard in the 1970’s.

However, homes and buildings that rode the polybutylene wave soon found that it was not as efficient or durable as it claimed to be. Lawsuits were filed in the early 1990’s that eventually awarded $750 million to building owners and homeowners seeking to replace their pipes and repair structural damage caused by the polybutylene.

If your building contains these pipes, it is wise to consider replacement as soon as possible. Allow Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. to become your Atlanta commerical polybutylene pipe system replacement  expert.

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What are signs you need to replace your polybutylene pipes?

Many building owners have been tricked into thinking that their polybutylene pipes are fine. Even if they have lasted ten years, the damage that they cause when they fail (as all pipes eventually do) is astronomical.

Watch for signs that your pipes are near their end. Don’t wait for a leak to occur before you replace polybutylene as there are other types of new piping that are much more durable and inexpensive.

If you are experiencing the following, consider replacement:

  • Your water quality is suffering and chlorine levels are rising.
  • The pipes are reacting with the chlorine in the water to degenerate and feed other chemicals into the water.
  • Pipes’ fittings are degenerating or several years old.
  • Poor installation.

What are common problems associated with these pipes?

There are some common problems associated with polybutylene pipes that building owners should be aware of.

  • First, fittings on these pipes tend to fail much more quickly and more often. This was originally thought to only occur with plastic fittings, but metal fittings also fail just as often.
  • Second, polybutylene reacts poorly with chemicals commonly added to water at treatment plants. This causes degeneration of the pipes and affects water quality.
  • Third, leaks among polybutylene pipes are quite common and usually do more structural damage to the structure than any other type of pipe. About 80% of the damage we see from these pipes leaves heavy damage. Insurance companies are quite aware of these common problems and will often offer less damage coverage to homes and buildings due to these pipes.

Polybutylene is a poor choice of pipe and should be replaced before damage occurs. If you have polybutylene pipes in your building or home, call us for a consultation for replacement.

We can minimize the damage to walls and ceilings during the process of repiping to ensure a safe and fast project. Call us today at (678) 386-7513 and take advantage of our 20 year warranty on repiping labor services.