Sewer Line Repairs

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A home’s sewer line transports waste away from the kitchen and bathrooms. Damage to the main line can result in a backflow of wastewater through the drain pipes.

The causes of main sewer line clogs are many, but most types of damage can be quickly identified. Our team of experienced field technicians are equipped with the latest and most advanced tools of the trade, and we offer our customers an up-front price quote that is guaranteed.

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What are the main causes of sewer line blockage?

Older homes often have clay or other fired stone pipes. These can crumble over time or become damaged from the intrusion of tree roots. The pipe is literally crushed, causing a complete blockage of the drain system.

The flushing of solid materials down the toilet can also lead to main sewer line blockage. Where smaller diameter pipes merge, large objects can become stuck. Smaller solids can get caught in this trap, eventually leading to reduced or total loss of water flow.

If water is backing up into the toilet, tub, or sinks, it probably means that the flow pressure has been reduced due to stuck objects.

Another common cause of sewer line failure is the eventual misalignment of the connecting pipes. This can occur if the ground or structure shifts slowly over time or the pipe experiences expansion or contraction from temperature fluctuations.

The most common sign of sewer pipe damage is dark, cloudy water backing up into the sink or tub. Dirt particles or the presence of organic matter indicates a break in the line. Homeowners are encouraged to contact us immediately if there is a problem with wastewater flow.

What are some repair methods?

Professional plumbers are equipped with drain augers, also known as sewer line snakes. These are inserted into one of the primary flush points and directed down the pipe to where the clog occurs. A snake can usually loosen material so that it can be forced down the pipe and away from the home.

If no such blockage is found or if the snake method does not solve the problem, a camera inspection can be performed. This method will clearly show if the problem is being caused by a damaged main pipe. If the pipe has been crushed or pinched, the suggested repair involves digging up the pipeline and replacing it.

How can you prevent future problems?

A plumbing inspection every few years is the best preventative measure against future disasters. If the pipelines are replaced with modern PVC materials, they will probably last as long as the home itself. However, homeowners are encouraged to take preventive steps to avoid clogging of the sewer lines.

Take note of these preventive procedures:

  • Keeping large objects from the wastewater lines. Solids should never be put down a sink or tub drain.
  • Know the location of your main sewer line. Plant large trees or shrubs away from this area so that tree roots may not interfere with your sewer lines.

Our experts at Greenlee Plumbing, Inc. will not only perform thorough inspections of your existing sewer lines, we will replace your old pipes with state-of-the-art drain lines.

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