Handling Gas Line Leaks

Maintaining a home can sometimes be a challenge for both experienced home owners and novices buying their first home alike. Often times it requires repairing something that has fallen into disrepair, such as a gas line. However, sometimes maintaining a home means making sure that everything is in working order or that there are no immediate threats to the lives of the people that live inside of the home. Unfortunately, things tend to fall into disrepair all of the time and it is important to be vigilant in making sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Loss of Functionality

Many homes use gas to power their furnaces and other appliances, and when this gas line has a leak, it can mean not only that the gas bill will go up, but also less functionality of those appliances and the potential for real harm. In fact, that should be one of the first signs that something is wrong with your gas line. If you experience a drop in the output of your appliances, you should call the gas company immediately. This could be a sign of a leak or another problem. It is also important not to use any of the gas or light anything until an inspector arrives.

Smell of Gas

Atlanta PlumberAnother way a gas line problem can be detected is by scent. If inside or outside your home there is a distinct smell of gas, do not light or turn on any appliances and call a repair specialist immediately. This is imperative. Gas line leaks have the potential to be very dangerous and can cause fires or explosions if a flame is held to an open leak. This is why having the problem repaired as soon as possible is very important.


One final indication that there is a gas leak is sound. Sound can be the most troubling out of the three because often the sound comes first and then the scent. This can be dangerous as well because if something is lit, the fumes will ignite and the home owner will not know there is a problem before it is too late. If there is a loud hissing noise, or even a faint hissing noise, it is important to call a specialist. It is always important to make sure that your system is checked out frequently to avoid these problems. With a properly maintained home, you and your loved ones will be safe and comfortable.

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