Dealing With Frozen Pipes


Atlanta PlumberWhy Do Plumbing Systems Freeze?

Frozen pipes can lead to a plumbing disaster as anyone who lives in a cold climate knows. In fact each year about a quarter of a million families have their lives disrupted and their homes ruined. It’s usually caused by a combination of thermostats that are set too low, poor insulation, and quick dramatic drops in temperatures. This can lead to burst pipes, structural damage, and mold. But this can all be prevented if you call in a plumber before cold weather sets in.

As cold weather approaches you should call in an experienced plumber to weather-proof your pipes and locate potential problems before they lead to frozen, busted pipes, thousands of dollars in damage, and major inconveniences. Exposed pipes in your crawl spaces, attic, and other places around your home are problems waiting to happen when the temperature drops below freezing. A licensed, experienced plumber can quickly insulate those pipes using thermostatically cables and heat tape to wrap your pipes.

How Can I Prevent This?

Frozen PipeA good plumber can also seal all leaks that can let cold air in places around your pipes. These leaks are commonly found around dryer vents, pipes, and electrical wiring. Even though these holes may seem small to the untrained eye, plumbers know even small opening can lead to frozen pipes when freezing weather hits. The plumber can also shut off water leading to outside faucets and drain the water in the pipes. This can prevent the end of the pipe that’s just inside the home from freezing up and bursting when the mercury plummets.

The plumber can also set your thermostat at a temperature that will keep your pipes from freezing up. They can also install temperature-controlled thermal convection water recirculation valves that are powered by hot water. These valves will ensure warm water is continuously circulated through the lines leading to both your hot and cold water taps. This system will automatically kick in when the temperature outside drops below freezing. Don’t wait until it gets cold to have this done. At that point it may be considered an emergency service call and will cost you a lot more money.

Frozen or busted pipes can be prevented if you take action in a timely manner. Long before cold weather arrives you should call in a plumber to winterize your home. Experienced plumbers have many techniques they can use to protect your pipes and save you money and headaches.

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