Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration

Whole House Water FiltrationWhen it comes to being health conscious about the water that we consume via tap water, the benefits of purchasing a whole house water filter outweigh the costs by far. These systems can filter and purify all the water that is coming into the house because it filters the water at the entry point of the house. This means that not only the water that you drink will be clean, but the water that you bathe in, wash and cook with, will be free of contaminants.

1) Cleaner Air 

One of the more interesting benefits of utilizing a whole house water filter is the fact that it removes pollution from the air as well as water. The reason being is that, municipally treated water tends to contain chloroform which emanates chloroform gas into the household whenever we utilize hot tap water. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, elevated levels of chloroform gas can cause a variety of serious debilitating ailments such as severe respiratory problems. By utilizing a filter, it will remove this hazardous chemical before it gains the opportunity to enter into your home.

Atlanta Plumber2) Showers, Bathes And Cooking

What few people realize is that when we use municipally treated water, we don’t just consume the contaminants within in via drinking alone, our skin can absorb those contaminants when we shower as well. So even though you may have a standard filter for your drinking water supply, it will not protect you from the contaminants that will be absorbed through the skin when you bathe. And particularity when you use heated municipally treated water, the gas form of chloroform and other chemicals disperse due to the heat. This basically means that whenever you shower, you are literally breathing in a lot of different chemicals.

3) Extended Life Of Water-Using Appliances 

Many of the contaminants within regular tap water, such as sediments, can eventually become a contributing factor to failing water-using appliances such as coffee pots, dishwashers and washing machines. By utilizing a whole house water filter, you can extend the life of those appliances which will save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs in the long run.

4) Healthier Skin 

Many of the contaminants in regular tap water damage the hair and skin. After installing a whole house water filter, you will notice that your hair feels much softer and gets tangled less, you’ll also notice that your skin seems to look more radiant and feels better as well.

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