Reasons to Keep Away From DIY Plumbing Projects

Atlanta PlumberWhen something goes wrong with our plumbing, many of us immediately begin to consider ways that we can make the resolution to our woes as cheap as possible. This focus on cost rather than correction can lead to ideas of DIY glory. There are however, very good reasons to hire a professional plumber to take care of plumbing issues rather than relying on ones lack of technical skill.


Many plumbing issues, particularly drain issues, can involve dangerous methane gasses or back flow issues. These types of situations definitely need to be handled by a professional in order to stave off greater problems down the road that may result from poor plumbing repair or installation. While a layperson may believe they are addressing all of the relevant issues, an expert will be able to view all of the pieces and have a far better perspective about what areas have been affected by the damaged plumbing.

Atlanta PlumbingWarranty

A professional’s work will be guaranteed, whereas a DIY project, which could result in even greater damage, is not guaranteed. This guarantee will come in handy even if the repaired or replaced piece is later damaged by a plumbing issue unrelated to the original problem.

Saving Money

It may seem counter intuitive to spend money to save money, but that is exactly what happens when a person hires a plumbing professional to tackle a problem rather than attempting a DIY solution. A professional plumber will be able to spot all of the trouble areas and come up with a more comprehensive solution for the issue if it is ongoing, or even offer a cheaper and quicker fix than the untrained eye might be able to see. A professional handling the problem will offer a work guarantee to ensure that the issue is taken care of should it arise again. A plumber will also be able to discover the root cause of the problem and offer tips to help prevent plumbing disasters down the road.

Across the board, a professional plumber is a better choice for reasons of physical safety, financial practicality, and peace of mind.

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