Importance of a Plumbing Inspection


Plumbing InspectionThe Importance of Plumbing Inspections

A plumbing inspection for new owners is a necessity. Newly built homes, apartments, condos and commercial buildings may not always receive final plumbing inspection by a licensed plumbing before certificates of occupancy are approved by municipalities. The best precaution from negligent inspections is a plumbing inspection that insures that all plumbing installed in new structures meet compliance standards.

Plumbing Inspections save Time and Money

When new structures are built, these buildings are mass produced to meet building project time constraints. Attention to detail may be remiss and may not include highest quality plumbing fixtures, piping, joints and water heaters. A plumbing inspection by a licensed plumbing company before new owner occupancy can save time and money. Many new owner associations find new residences often experience plumbing problems with the first three months of occupancy. A local plumbing company has experience in this particular type of new owner plumbing problems.

Atlanta PlumberPlumbing Inspections for New Owners

In most municipalities, a plumbing permit is required by the city, town or state. This usually applies to installations of water heaters or to emergency repairs to new and existing homes and commercial structures. Licensed plumbing companies work with the municipality to obtain the plumbing permit as required. However, plumbing professionals are also able to determine the terms of plumbing permits should new owners require additional plumbing work after occupancy. Most of these plumbing permits are acquired by the plumbing company through the local building inspector who has jurisdiction over these permits.

The Best Reason for a Plumbing Inspection for New Owners

Licensed plumbing professionals serve another very important purpose with regard to plumbing inspections for new owners: legal issues arising from improper plumbing, sewer or water connections to municipal systems. Plumbing professionals possess a wealth of knowledge about regulations and standards of plumbing installations and connections. An objective plumbing company can pinpoint problems and provide documentation should legal issues arise.

One example of this is when a sewer back-up occurs. A professional plumbing consultant can determine the exact point of the back-up and document responsibility of the new owner or the municipality. A break in a water main is another of these types of potential issues. By determining the precise point of the break, the plumbing company helps customers to understand their responsibility for repairs and damage to the home or building. Choose a plumbing company with excellent, reliable customer service.

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