What Consumes the Most Water in My House?


Atlanta PlumberWhen the water consumption bill arrives in the mail and it is unusually high, you might start wondering exactly what is consuming so much water in your home. The fact is that there could be several reasons why your water bill is so high, and you may need us to help you figure out the problem.

The Faucets

First, think about how often you run the faucets in your home. Have you recently started using more water to take baths, wash dishes or wash the pets? If you haven’t made a noticeable change in the amount of water you use, then check your faucets to see if they are leaking when you turn them off.

If there is any water leaking from a kitchen or bathroom faucet, then this can slowly add to your water bill each month. Call us to take a look at your faucets to see where the problem really is. We can easily stop those leaks, so you don’t spend more than you have to each month on your water bill.

The Dishwasher

If you are like most people, you run your dishwasher at least once a day. However, the dishwasher can consume a lot of water, especially if you have an older model. You can always upgrade to a more energy efficient one that will use less water.

However, you can also contact us to make sure your dishwasher isn’t leaking when it is running. Your dishwasher might be using more water than it should be because you have a leak behind it. We can get the problem resolved quickly.

The Bathroom

Water ConsumptionKeep in mind that the items in your bathroom consume a lot of water, and there are lots of pipes behind the bathroom walls. You can contact us to check those pipes to make sure you don’t have a leaky or busted pipe leading to your bathroom sink, shower, tub or toilet.

If there is a leak behind the wall, you might also have a mold issue, and the pipe must be fixed to stop the water from causing further damage to your home and your water bill.

We can find the problem, fix it and stop the water from causing more problems. Water in the walls is never a good thing.You can stop your water bills from going any higher. We will gladly assess your situation and provide you with professional services.

Is your water bill too high in your Atlanta home? Call Greenlee Plumbing at (678) 386-7513 to get more tips on how to save water.