What Are the Dangers of DIY Trenchless Sewer Repair?


Atlanta PlumberThe Dangers of Doing It Yourself

Every so often, you need to have repairs done on your pipes or sewer lines. Going trenchless is one of the best avenues to take. The one thing you might not want to attempt is doing the repair yourself. Why? There are lots of things that could go wrong.
Let’s look at a few things below.

1) The local codes. You need to be aware of the proper codes and guidelines. Why? Things change all the time. You have to file the proper paperwork. If you don’t, your repairs could end up violating certain guidelines.

2) If there is a leak on your lawn, this could be a bad thing. It also means that you need someone professional to handle it. If you try to take care of this yourself, you might end up making it worse. This leak needs to be repaired before you can even get to the sewer repair.

3) Never try to get rid of tree roots yourself. This is a common issue. This is why some of the drains and pipes get clogged the way they do. If you see a tree root sticking out, never try to dislodge it by yourself. You might end up making the problem worse. Sometimes the roots are larger then you think. If you try to pull them out, you’ll cause damage to the interior. This will cost you more money in the long run.

4) Unclogging the drain is an important step in the process. It happens long before the repair even happens. You could try doing this yourself, but you might cause some more problems. There are cleaners to help fix the problem. Are you using the right one though? This is another question you need to ask yourself. Those in the pipe and sewer repair business now exactly what type of cleaner to use and when.

5) When you make certain repairs to the sewer lines, you need to make two holes. Those who are professional know how to do this, without causing damage to your Atlanta Trenchless Sewer Repairlandscape. Doing this yourself, you may not know where to draw the holes.

6) Are you using relining or an actual replacement? Sometimes all you need is a relining. Will you know the difference? Will you know how to do a relining? You can’t just “wing it” and stumble through each process. You need to know what you are doing.

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