Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningDrain clogs are a common plumbing problem. Most times they are an easy fix though many people don’t realize there are right and wrong ways to unclog drains. For one thing, did you know that you should not use over-the-counter chemicals in your drain to unclog a clog? Professional Drain Cleaning services are the best way to rid your home of these inconvenient situations.

Why do drains clog?

It happens – drains clog-up from time-time whether it’s your sink or shower, something you don’t intend to go down the drain, does. The next thing you know the water flow slows or stops altogether.

Common reasons a drain can clog are that over time dirt and debris, hair or grease, even a small object may get into the drain and cause a blockage. Another reason water flow can get blocked is due to the type of piping system you may have in your home.

Older homes are notorious for having galvanized or cast iron plumbing pipes.

Galvanized and cast iron pipes are both known for corrosion and erosion from the inside. Over time this can reduce the size of the pipe’s opening which leads to clogs. A better piping for plumbing are PVC pipes. PVC is more commonly used today in new construction. PVC pipes do not corrode and are less apt to clog due to deterioration.

How can you prevent plumbing clogs?
You can’t always prevent everything from making its way down the drain. Even-so, paying careful attention to what you do around your drains is the first line of defense against clogged drains.

Clog prevention tips:

• Don’t wash hair down bathroom sinks. Hair gets stuck and can collect overtime, eventually creating a ball of hair that will slow or stop your water flow.

• Don’t allow grease or hard or large food items to go down the drain. Only use your disposal for easy-to-dispose foods and throw the rest in the garbage or compost.

• Try using a coffee filter under the existing drain covers to help filter and catch dirt and debris. This can work so long as you don’t allow the filter to eventually make its way down the drain.

• If you know your piping system is old, or you’d like to have it checked to identify what type of piping system your home has, a professional plumber can analyze it. A professional plumbing company can also re-pipe your home with PVC piping to give your home a better, more efficient plumbing system.

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