Water Leak Detection

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Water leaks that hide underground and beneath the concrete slab of your home or commercial property can be highly destructive if not caught early on. That is why the licensed professionals at Greenlee Plumbing offer advanced water leak detection services to all of our valued customers throughout Atlanta and the surrounding communities. We use all of the latest technology to determine the exact location of the problem and see that it is promptly resolved.

Our team encourages you to have regular inspections performed on your plumbing systems so that any complications can be avoided. It is also important to remain knowledgeable on the common signs that an issue may be occurring. To read reviews and testimonials from other satisfied customers in your area, click here.

What are some causes of hidden water leaks?

  • Frozen pipes: During the winter when temperatures drop significantly the water inside your pipes could freeze if they are not properly insulated. When this occurs it causes the system to expand and eventually the pipe may burst initiating a hidden water leak.
  • Tree roots: While searching for an easily available water supply tree roots can make their way into you pipelines and cause them to clog or crack.
  • Age: Older pipes have a tendency to corrode or incur other damage that can cause them to leak. It is important to have your pipes inspected and potentially replaced in an attempt to avoid this problem.
  • Serious clogs: Other major obstructions in your pipes will result in a buildup of water pressure, which can eventually cause them to rupture.

What are professional methods of detection?

At Greenlee Plumbing we can use advanced listening devices in order to locate a hidden water leak. When dealing with a slab leak you may actually hear the sound of running water when none of your faucets are in use. Additionally, infrared video camera inspection technology can be used to pinpoint the leak.

A small waterproof camera can be inserted into your plumbing system giving us access to still images and video in real time. This allows us to look for hot and cold spots in your lines, so we know where the problem lies before we begin the necessary repairs. Pictures and video can also be provided to home and commercial property owners for their documentation.

What are some common signs that you have a slab leak?

  • Higher water bills: If you monthly water bills continue to increase without any reasonable explanation you have likely encountered a slab leak that will require our prompt and professional assistance.
  • Running water: You may inexplicably hear the sound of running water in your home or commercial property even when none of your faucets are in use.
  • Hot/cold spots: While walking around your home or building you may notice that in some spots your floor is unusually warm and in other places quite cold, which often indicates a leak in your water or sewer line.
  • Visible damage: Damaged to your walls or along the foundation of your home or building, as well as excess mildew growth can also signify that a slab leak is present.

For advanced water leak detection services, contact the certified professionals at Greenlee Plumbing at (678) 386-7513.