Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


Garbage DisposalWhat can I do about the bad disposer smells?

When you’re having foul odor problems with your garbage disposal unit, the best course of action is to call a plumber. A properly functioning disposal unit should never leave a bad smell behind, as long as you run the water while using it and leave the water on for a minute to flush the pipes out when you are done.

How can a plumber help?

Garbage disposal units are dangerous to attempt to repair on your own. A well-meaning DIY repair job could end up causing even greater damage to the disposal unit or worse, result in serious bodily harm. Licensed, professional plumbers are trained to know how to safely inspect a garbage disposer for any damage and to make any necessary repairs to it.

A professional plumber can inspect the rotor blade mechanism for any damage, make sure that is functioning properly and if necessary, install a new one. Garbage disposal units are subject to wear and tear and homeowners should expect them to need to be serviced or replaced from time to time.

What shouldn’t go into the disposer?

Atlanta Plumber Never put your fingers in a garbage disposer, most importantly of all, even if you suspect a clog. Garbage disposers are very dangerous. Clearing the clog may free the blades to move while your fingers are still inside the disposer.

Other items that should never go into a disposer include all beef, chicken and fish bones, string, tea bags, shellfish shells, food containers of any kind, wrappers, nut shells, plastic, glass or cat litter. A general rule of thumb would be, if you’re not sure if it should go in a garbage disposer, don’t put it in. A little caution and common sense can save a lot of repairs.

The Takeaway

Garbage Disposal units, under good working conditions should not have a bad smell. If your disposer does, it can be a sign that it may need to be repaired or replaced. Call a licensed, professional plumber. Disposer DIY repairs are dangerous. To keep your garbage disposer in good repair, never put in anything that could damage the blades or could jam the disposer up.

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